Treatment of young transsexuals in the Netherlands.

Treatment of young transsexuals in the Netherlands.

Cohen-Kettenis PT., et al.
Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd 2000 Apr; 8(15): 698-702.
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Abstract [Article in Dutch]

For more than ten years transsexual adolescents have been diagnosed and treated psychologically at the department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University Medical Centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The medical part of the treatment takes place at the Academic Hospital of the Free University of Amsterdam.

Diagnosis is done in two phases: the first diagnostic phase and the ‘real life test’. In this second phase the ability to live in the opposite gender role is tested. Gender dysphoric non-transsexual adolescents are offered psychological or psychiatric interventions.

For transsexual adolescents with the express wish to undergo a sex change two types of hormones are prescribed. First, hormones which halt the own pubertal development, then cross-sex hormones with irreversible effects. Surgery for adolescents is not different from surgery for adults.

Although the cause of transsexuality is probably impaired sexual differentiation at cerebral level, it appears that the risk of unjustified treatment is higher when the treatment is administered at an early age than in adults; justified treatment, however, has better results when it is administered at an early age.

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