Mother of a Transgender Child

Mother of a Transgender Child

Mother of a Transgender Child
Mom, I Need to be a girl! e-book
Just Evelyn
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Mom, I Need to be a girl!

“I need to talk to you Mom. I have something to tell you, […] “I need to be a girl. I’m a girl inside. I like boys but as a woman would, not the gay way. I have felt this way for years, and you know how feminine I am.” So this was what he had been upset about the last few months. […]

He wanted to BE a girl, not just dress-up as a girl. He finally fell asleep beside me. Meanwhile, my mind was wide awake forming dozens of questions. What happens to these kids? Is this just a phase? Is this part of being gay? If I don’t make a big deal about it, will it just go away? Is there a name for this condition? Does this usually happen to people so young, and can they change? Can they succeed in life? I wanted information and I wanted it now, in the middle of the night!

What does a mother do in this situation? When my boys came to me with a cut, I would put on a Band-Aid and a kiss to make it better, but I had no Band-Aids for this problem. I knew his life would be difficult and sad. How could a mother help, and would a mother’s love be enough? Was I strong enough to handle this? I thought I knew my boys pretty well, yet I had no idea that Daniel’s life was so troubled.

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Citation: Just Evelyn and transproud