DFAB – Designated Female at Birth – Dictionary Definition Transgender

DFAB – Designated Female at Birth – AFAB – Assigned Female at Birth (US).

Stands for ‘designated female at birth’. Used by Transgender men predominantly to describe their birth state.

A term often used by transgender people  to describe their birth state. Many transgender people believe they are born male or female (or intersex or GenderQueer) and live in a gender role prescribed by others, and rather than ‘change sex’, as sex is set in the brain at birth, the exterior body presentation is modified with clothing, make-up, hormones, transition and/or surgery to match these feelings. The ‘designation’ is one given to the child without their agreement. Designated by the State and decided by the rather simplistic view of ‘what is between their legs’ rather than what is between the ears. The person’s true gender feelings that may not surface for another 6 years when the child is old enough to explain how they feel. Many transgender people are uncomfortable self-describing as having once been female or male as they feel they have always been the gender they are, it is society that decided what they should behave and dress like rather than their own choice. “Were you born female?..” “No I was designated female at birth (by an ignorant third party).” .