Nadia Almada – Big Brother 5 winner and BB’s First MTF Transsexual

Nadia Almada – Big Brother 5 winner and BB’s First MTF Transsexual  – Transgender MTF



Nadia Almada
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 28th January 1977
Star Sign: Aquarius
Lives in Woking, UK
Bank Clerk
Born In Madeira, Portugal



Nadia Almada

The first Transsexual Woman to appear in Big Brother.

She Joined what at the time could only be described as a house built from the mind of a psychologist like Freud!!! – I mean what was with the rubber d*ldo wall???!!!

But Nadia who was to begin with a rank outsider, slowly won the hearts of the viewing public and avoided eviction after eviction to finally win the show!

When she first came in Marco (another housemate) thought she was transsexual on the first night when talking to another new housemate Kitten. But Nadia was not telling! Nadia wanted to live the Big Brother experience as a woman she has always known herself to be. Often during the ten week show she faced general discussions ‘about’ transsexuals. Nadia never rose to the bait.
This was probably Nadia’s best strategy it meant the viewing public who ‘knew’ were watching the behaviour of housemates who didn’t.

The show had so many highs and lows.

  • Nadia’s Highs have to be:
  • Winning the show!
  • Pole dancing
  • Being a Bridesmaid (and catching the bouquet)!
  • Showering in her High Heels!


And being part of the most famous moment in BB history – ‘Fight Night’ – where the Police were called!

Nadia’s Lows have to be:
Running out of cigarettes leading to endless confrontation with the Big Brother production team and fellow housemates.
The infamous ‘DAY 20’ when the housemates almost came to blows over the return of Nadia’s best friends called the ‘Harem’ to the upset of the opposing ‘Jungle Cats made up of Jason, Victor and Ahmed. The night ended with security and the Police being called to ensure the violence stooped!
Being bullied by Jason – but she gave as good as she got!
Being called a man by yobs outside of the compound!

Like Big Brother or loath it £4.9 million was traded on Nadia alone by bookmakers and this time a ratings hit for Endemol Productions and Channel 4 in what was a flagging format before they got ‘evil’ with the tasks they set the housemates to win rewards and luxury food.


Nadia Q & A

Nadia on how she survived in the House?
Have a laugh and survive with humour.

Have you lived in a house share before? Describe your worst experience of house sharing
Being told off for not doing the dishes.

Who do you think you most resemble from history and why?
Medusa – because of the way I look in the morning.

Your greatest fear about going in?
Being first evicted (more disappointment than fear).

What message would you like to send to those who know you?
Be only by yourself. Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. Find your soul!
Be only by yourself, just be!!

What annoyed the other housemates about you?
Overpowering excitement and loud.

They loved?
My honesty, sense of humour.

What annoyed you about the other housemates?
Two-faced behaviour.

The future for Nadia?
Outside broadcaster for the news. Travel. Open a fashion house.

What’s your biggest secret?
I have a tattoo that was supposed to be my name. It ended up being Nancy.

Tell us a joke.
I never tell jokes but love listening to them.

What is your party trick?
Don’t have one.

Favourite movie, book or magazine?
Pretty Woman, Heat and gossip mags. Favourite author – Paul Coelho

What item of clothing could you not live without?
My toothbrush – she scrubbed her tongue with it!!!

Before Big Brother, what was your claim to fame?
I’m already famous at home for being me.

Who would you most like to meet?
Kathy Burke, Joanna Lumley, Will Young, Enrique Iglesias, Sophia Loren, Graham Norton, June Sarpong, Geri Halliwell, Robbie Williams, Jordan – the cheeky girls are her top fans!

What is your best chat up line?
I just rely on my beauty!!!

Describe your perfect Valentine’s dinner?
Gorgeous roses, gorgeous dinner. Sexy lingerie on.

What car do you drive now? What will you drive with your winnings?
Vauxhall Corsa. BMW convertible.

Day 1: Nadia gets a great reception following the crowd being told of Nadia’s past!

Following some shouting of “Nadia is a man!” from outside of the Big Brother compound she tells the nation – “I am not a man just for the record!”

(click to enlarge)

The moment she won – congratulated and hugged by fellow finalist Jason

Celebrations – Nadia is coming out!!!

Thank you! Thank you so much!!!

Davina wipes an emotional tear


After Big Brother Nadia who is told she was everybody’s favourite housemate networked on shows like Loose Women (Below), GMTV, MTV and more.

Fringe Benefits – Perks of the job! Nadia meets her Baywatch Idol David Hasselhoff in the West End Show Chicago.

Family Ties

Nadia is the eldest of six children. She was born in Portugal but moved to England eight years ago. She has previously worked on a perfume counter in a department store and managed a children’s bookshop.
Nadia has finally won the full backing of her family in Portugal – thanks to Big Brother.
Her mum. Conceicao Mendes Almada, 49, admits she has been moved by Nadia’s “bravery” in appearing on the TV show.

She said: ” I am really proud of her going on Big Brother. And so happy she won.”
Nadia, born Jorge Almada, left the Portuguese island of Madeira for Britain eight years ago because she wanted a sex change.
And Conceicao, a hotel chef, admitted it was hard to accept. She said:” When he wanted to change sex I felt a big disappointment. You would wouldn’t you?

“It’s difficult for a parent. But I would never condemn one of my own children. I think Nadia was really strong in everything she did.”
Nadia at 27 is the oldest of six children and the others all live at home. But in the eight years she has been away, Nadia has only returned to Madeira twice – and never felt comfortable enough to stay with her family.

Now thought, her family is filled with pride for their new “TV star”. And Conceicao followed Nadia’s progress daily by going on the internet and reading the Big Brother website.

She said “I think she has shown such courage in her life. She has been really strong, creating a life for herself away from her family.

Jorge: Nadia as a boy

Nadia as a toddler

Conceicao also revealed that Nadia never even told her she was going on the reality show, but just called before entering the house to say, ” I’m off on a journey”.

And it was only through a Spanish friend who saw the show her mum found out.

Conceicao added: “I never imagined Nadia who was up for eviction, broke down in the diary room as she explained how much BB has meant to her. And she revealed just how important her friends in the house – dubbed the Harem – had become . “What can I say, “she said. “I feel that I’ve been accepted by people.

“I’m going to miss everything.”
Big Brother is Broadcast every year in the United Kingdom on Channel 4

Update (2012)

Of course she returned to the last ever Big Brother on Channel 4 – before it went to Channel 5 where it all went wrong for Nadia, she was bullied and felt intimidated by Coolio who was constantly making comments about her past life. The once loveable nervous and niave girl who took us on her journey through the trans experience with ther Diary Room entired, was replaced with a diva that the public did not warm to – she cried when she was booed on exit. She reportadle had a breakdown and attempted to take her own life.

“They (Endemol/Big Brother Channel 4) have ruined my life'” she said.

She has not taken part in any Big Brother events since. (this was updated in 2012 the year of FTM Transgender Man Luke Anderson).