J Edgar Hoover – Transvestite – Chief of the FBI – Transgender?

The Tran Files –  Was J Edgar Hoover  Transvestite?

Hoover, J Edgar.
Transvestism and the FBI Chief
Transgender Zone
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J. Edgar Hoover was born in Washington on January 1, 1895.

He rose to become one of the most powerful men in America some say even more powerful then the presidents he served under.

It is more or less common knowledge that he was a transvestite and had a life long relationship with fellow FBI man Clyde Tolson.

There are numerous stories of Hoover appearing in drag in New York.

Usually in a red dress, he liked to be called “Mary”.

Such is the interest in Hoover that Vanity Fair commissioned, “Hidden Hoover” and Robert Risko to create an artist’s impression of hoover for an article that basically described the private life of J. Edgar Hoover dressed.


Mary Hoover by Robert Risko

He apparently never had any romantic attachments with women. He lived with his mother until she died.  He dressed like a dandy even in high school. As far as anyone could remember, he never had a date.
Hoover was a master of the dirty tricks campaign and kept a lot of dirt on other people in his files. Some say that Hoover was responsible for the intelligence failure at Pearl Harbor. Biographers have found no convincing evidence to prove the widely held belief that Hoover was a homosexual. However,  the mob thought different and were rumoured to have had pictures of him in a dress. This is why hoover would never touch the mob. The biographer summers presents an abundance of evidence to show that he was a transvestite.

Nevertheless not all agree. Former FBI agents have pointed out that Hoover was himself under secret surveillance for his own protection and such behavior would have been reported. One of Hoover’s most trusted former lieutenants, Carla “Deke” DeLoach says, “It is very troubling to me that people will promote these things for selfish reasons. They distort the truth and I’m afraid young people might believe this junk.”

Hoover is depicted as perhaps the most powerful politician in Washington, feared by every president who served over him. The only players who were immune to Hoover’s secret files were those who had secrets of their own about his personal life – namely, the Mafia. Mafia bosses obtained information about Hoover’s sex life and used it for decades to keep the FBI at bay. Without this, the Mafia as we know it might never have gained its hold in America.

Hoover’s alleged homosexuality was known to the Mafia, who apparently had photographs, and Hoover’s frequent gambling junkets were paid by his Mafia friends.

He served under several presidents that included Roosevelt, Kennedy and Nixon.

In May of 1972, Hoover was nearing his fifty-five-year anniversary with the Justice Department.

After all the threats and compromises that he had been forced to make over the decades, he was still able to say that the FBI remained the organization that he built upon his own principles and standards – a unique achievement in the history of the federal government.

Hoover never made it to his fifty-five-year anniversary.

He died at the age of seventy-seven on May 2.

When Hoover was gone, the Bureau never recovered its power and esprit.

Acting Director L. Patrick Gray was forced to resign after being caught up in the Watergate scandal.

A powerful figure during his life, he became the subject of much mockery after his death, when it was claimed that he had enjoyed cross-dressing. Leftist authors have Hoover answering his door dressed in stockings. Comedian Jay Leno keeps hammering on Hoover’s coffin with references to his cross-dressing.

Assuming the evidence collected from the hundreds of interviews is correct J Edgar Hoover must rate as one of the most famous and powerful transvestites in history!