Gender Recognition Act 2004

Transgender UK Law and Legal – Gender Recognition Act 2004



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In the United Kingdom the law relating to transgender people and their Birth Certificates is covered by the Gender Recognition Act
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Applications for gender recognition certificate

1 Applications
2 Determination of applications
3 Evidence
4 Successful applications
5 Subsequent issue of full certificates
6 Errors in certificates
7 Applications: supplementary
8 Appeals etc.

Consequences of issue of gender recognition certificate etc.

9 General
10 Registration
11 Marriage
12 Parenthood
13 Social security benefits and pensions
14 Discrimination
15 Succession etc.
16 Peerages etc.
17 Trustees and personal representatives
18 Orders where expectations defeated
19 Sport
20 Gender-specific offences
21 Foreign gender change and marriage


22 Prohibition on disclosure of information
23 Power to modify statutory provisions
24 Orders and regulations
25 Interpretation
26 Commencement
27 Applications within two years of commencement
28 Extent
29 Short title

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