The Pregnant Man – An Oxymoron?

The Pregnant Man – An Oxymoron?

Dr Sam Dylan More
Institute for Molecular Science – Uvsor, Okazaki National
Research Institute, Myodiji, Okazaki, Aichi, Japan
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The desire to found a family is a gender neutral one. Pregnancy does not fall into this category – in our culture it is considered to be an exclusively female activity.

This study focuses on female to male transsexuals (FTM) who chose to bear a child, while being conscious of their transsexual male identity, and who therefore transitioned shortly afterwards.

Problems this group has to face include: finding a supportive environment, defining the individual perception of masculine identity and handling the organisational aspects of transitioning.

These consist in dealing with therapists and or medical caregivers who are required to write or approve the necessary referrals for name change, hormones or surgeries. Additionally meeting the standards legally required for a name/gender change can be complicated as those frequently request permanent sterilisation or a non-marital status.

Several FTM who transitioned either during or after pregnancy (max 3 years afterwards) have been interviewed, particularly in respect to the response of their social environment. The request of permanent sterility for FTMs who wish to change their gender legally is discussed from a feminist and human rights perspective and from the male self perception of the FTMs involved in the study.