Construction of Penis With Two Free Flaps

Construction of Penis With Two Free Flaps


Takao Harashina, MD; Yoshiharu Inoue, MD; Ako Takamatsu, MD;
Keita Wakamatsu, MD; Ayakao Takeshita, MD; Hiroyasu Miura, MD.
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Saitama Medical Center, Saitama Medical School, Tsujido, Kamoda, Kawagoe, Japan. .
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A case of penis construction using two free flaps is presented. The urethra is constructed with an ulnar forearm flap and external coverage is provided with deltoid flap.

The biggest disadvantage with radial forearm flap, which is considered to be the most ideal donor flap for penile construction, is its large and unsightly donor scar.

The authors have been using deltoid flap for penile construction because its donor scar is concealed under the half-sleeve shirt; however, its biggest disadvantage is its thickness.

With the method presented here, an appropriate-size penis can be constructed even in an obese individual whose deltoid flap is thick. Donor scar is almost inconspicuous when the patient is wearing a half-sleeve shirt, because the donor scar on the forearm is 3-cm wide and located on the ulnar side.


Citation: Annals of Plastic Surgery 2002; 49(3):302-306.