Follow-up study of transsexuals after sex-reassignment surgery

Follow-up study of transsexuals after sex-reassignment surgery


Tsoi WF.
Department of Psychological Medicine,
National University Hospital, Singapore.
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Introduction This is a follow-up study of 45 male and 36 female sex reassigned transsexuals.
Method The subjects were interviewed before and 1 to 8 years following sex reassignment surgery.

Results When first seen the males (mean age 23.8 years) were slightly younger than females (mean age 24.9 years). The males had less education and held lower level jobs. They started their sexual life about 1-2 years earlier, but they cross-dressed 4-7 years later than the females. The follow-up results showed that 35% were married and all of them had no problems adjusting to their new life.

The overall results were 56% very good and 44% good. There is no pre-operative variables that can predict good adjustments for female transsexuals. For male transsexuals, earlier age of transsexual manifestation was related to good post-operative adjustments.

Discussion The females were less satisfied with the surgery, but they adjusted well as the males. The results were comparable with those from previous studies.


Citation: Singapore Med J 1993 Dec;34(6):515-7 an article published on the Internet by PubMed <>