Reconstruction of the penis in transsexual patients

Reconstruction of the penis in transsexual patients



Vesely J, Barinka L, Santi P, Berrino P, Muggianu M.
Department of Plastic Surgery, Brno, Czechoslovakia.
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In the article, the authors offer a review of the modalities available for phalloplasty in transsexual patients. The classic methods for multi-stage transplantation of tubulized flaps in the lumbar and inguinal regions, in mid-thigh as well as current methods for one-stage reconstruction are discussed.

The paper contains the case report of a transsexual patient undergoing one-stage reconstruction of the penis using m. rectus abdominis with the inferior pedicle, urethral reconstruction by a skin graft from simultaneous mastectomy with a free forearm flap covering the muscle.

The paper examines the pros and cons of each method for reconstruction.


Citation: Acta Chir Plast 1992;34(1):44-54 an article published on the Internet by PubMed <>