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Over 5500 potentially relevant journal articles are read every year. To accomplish this him or herself, a clinician would have to read 15 articles each and every day every year … If the clinician only managed to read two articles every day, after two years, the clinician would have to have a 10-year backlog. After 20 years, the backlog would take over 100 years to read!





The following library is drawn from evidence-based practice on transgender care and includes links to systematic reviews, Government Guidance for professionals and local authorities. This library also includes unpublished research data, guides, views and opinions based on Transgender Zone longitudinal and informal research. If you would like to add your own data please visit our forums.

We felt that it was essential that all these nuggets of useful information were available in simple lists.


Below is an A-Z list that links deeper within the library pages.

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This works better than a general search (top of the page), as a search like this calls up many tens of thousands of pages that are dotted all over our site, as a result you may end up with an unrelated user post that contains the term ‘phalloplasty’ in the forums rather than an academic article on the subject you are looking for.

Click the menu, select, then scan the A-Z Index. Remember some have multiple entries. Example, ‘Grayson Perry’ can be found under ‘Perry, G’ and ‘Turner Prize’. Then when you find the article select either Abstract, PDF or Full Text. Sometimes the simplest way is the best way.



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Some pages have media links shown as . These videos are archives and some where done sometime ago (long before Youtube etc). They will require Real Player  to play them. However if you do not have Real Player fear not you can down load a simple codec to play it free here.


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