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“Trans-Currency” – Definition – “Transgender Currency” – Trans Currency – Def

A term coined by S. Johnson at many years ago to describe the way Transgender Women (in particular) can use their transgender status to create interest and employment (tokenism) opportunities,  and access to influential people where there would otherwise be none. It was discovered through data gathered from the Transgender Zone archiving of transphobic media. This trend became cyclical. And the way the media treated transgender people, in particular, was very different to cisgender people.

This can also be used by transgender and by non-trans people alike to exploit a transgender issues to make money, often drag and pantomime use trans-currency within their acts, despite not being transgender themselves. Also see Gay Licence/Gay License.

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An example would be a person appearing in the newspaper with their photo for no other reason than ‘curiosity’. Usually the image of a woman who is quite ‘average’ but passably female, being used with some shocking headline.

“I slept with a 500 men and no one knew I used to be male!”

Were this a non-transgender woman, no one would give the story the time of day. The ‘Currency’ and the marketability is the ‘transness’.

Or this Woman is getting married to this Man… This is not a story, thousands get married.

“The Girl used to be a boy and the boy used to be a girl!” Results in a double page spread in a tabloid.

This is ‘Trans-currency’ in transgender terms.

Other less flattering ways of exploiting oneself if transgender include – ‘Big fish small pond’, or (Derogatory) “Competing with a ‘biological woman’, “you are a nobody, but as a transgender woman you are a somebody.”

Television, and print media often to need to demonstrate diversity, even if as a trans*woman (or trans*man) you really are not that talented.  ‘Jerry Springer Shows’ that have a high percentage of transgender people used for ridicule compared to any other guests. Which usually ends with therm being violently assaulted to the applause and laughter of a studio audience. If the woman had breast cancer, a condition they cannot help having that also needs medical intervention, there would be sympathy. Trans*currency runs to the very core of society, where people cross-dress to make money or work in the sex trade. Yet have no transgender feelings or needs other than to cash-in on fetish and fantasy. This is a personal choice. But it is so easily blurred with the transgender reality that has little to do with these issues.

To use the term ‘trans-currency’ requires some considerable thought. As there can be complex reasons for its use.