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“Gay License” – Definition – “Gay Licence” – Def

A term coined by S. Johnson at to describe the way Gay men (in particular) can abuse or mock transgender women (in particular) without consequence.

Example of this would be a Television Presenter or Gay comedian mocking transgender people or using otherwise ‘hate-crime’ words to entertain a predominantly straight or non-transgender audience.

The term came about after over 25 years of media archiving when Transgender Zone discovered the frequency of this on British Television. It seems to have been acceptable due to the sharing premises like Gay Bars, and the ignorant assumption that all transpeople are gay, allowed this to take hold. This issue is continually challenged by Transgenderzone and its media critic.

It can also be used by straight women to explain the ability for a gay man (a fashion stylist for example) to intimately touch them and the woman can say, “It is OK he is Gay.”