Transsexualism in female monozygotic twins: a case report

Transsexualism in female monozygotic twins: a case report


Sadeghi M, Fakhrai A.
Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital,
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran.
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Objective A case report is presented of a gender identity disorder involving a pair of female monozygotic twins who requested sex reassignment. As far as we know, this case is the first in psychiatric literature and supports a genetic aetiology of this disorder.

Clinical Picture The patients were two 18-year-old female monozygotic twins who had showed symptoms of transsexualism since early childhood. They had no other physical or psychiatric disorder except borderline mental functioning.

Treatment The patients were referred for sex reassignment.

Outcome They were lost to follow up after initial evaluation.
Conclusion In addition to other possible (yet not confirmed) causes of transsexualism, a genetic basis for this disorder is suggested by this case.


Citation: Aust N Z J Psychiatry 2000 Oct;34(5):862-4 an article published on the Internet by PubMed <>