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What happens when you take ‘T’?


It will take about 24-48 hours for the T levels in your body to peak after your shot.

sex drive is likely to increase substantially, though for some people this does not happen. And what tends to happen is that you will be turned on more easily, it will be more intense, but you tend to reach orgasm more quickly, and then not feel like more sex for a while.

You sex drive is likely to start off being really high, then gradually decrease the longer you are on T, and then stabilise at a lower level than it first was when you started T. The first 6 months on T are generally the most intense.

aggression To tell you the truth I felt absolutely NO increase in aggression whatsoever…same for all of the transguys I know that I’ve asked. IF you are an aggressive person before T, you are likely to be an aggressive person after T. Aggression is more to do with how you react to your emotions, and how you interpret situations, rather than testosterone. Guys are often more aggressive than women because they are raised to be that way…raised to see other people as the causes of problems, not themselves as the cause, raised to take their anger out physically, raised to see violence in some situations as an ok thing to do.

mood your mood will probably become more stable. This is partly due to T, and partly due to happiness that you are on T! Generally though you will remain the same person as you were before…T wont change this. Any changes you do want to make to your personality etc are possible to make, but T wont make the changes…you do.

periods If you start out on a full dose of T, your periods are likely to stop within 2 months of starting. If you get PMS now, this is likely to disappear once you start T. If you notice continual bleeding (and its not within the normal time for your period within the first 2 months of T), GO TO THE DR OR HOSPITAL STRAIGHT AWAY. This is a symptom of a serious problem. BUT this is very, very unlikely to happen.

fertility You are likely to become infertile. If you want to have kids that aren’t adopted, or think that you may later want kids, DO NOT GO ONTO T UNTIL YOU HAVE SORTED THIS OUT- IE GO THROUGH IVF TREATMENT TO STORE SOME OF YOUR EGGS…OTHERWISE YOU MAY NEVER HAVE CHILDREN.

voice You voice will start to drop in pitch quite rapidly!! A lot of people’s voices break within the first 5 months, but some peoples voices take a year or so to break, or their voices don’t break but just get deeper and deeper as time goes by. After a few months on T you will probably go through that awkward time where your voice is continually cracking highs!   And for a while you will sound like a drag queen

your clitoris etc Your clitoris will increase quite a lot in size very rapidly…will tend to get to 2-4cm in length, like a mini penis. Also, your vaginal secretions will change in their smell (so don’t worry this is normal!!).

your skin Your skin will get much, much oilier…you will probably get a lot of acne…so go to the Dr and get PRESCRIPTION acne cream and/or medication…you will probably need really strong stuff, not just the over the counter stuff. Use mild, not strong soap on your skin..this will decrease the oiliness. Your skin will also gradually become thicker and your pores will get much bigger.

hair You will gradually and slowly get facial hair growth…but this take a long time generally. I’ve been on T for over a year and my facial hair only grows under my jawbone, not on my face yet. Facial hair will gradually grow faster and spread to all the normal places on your face and neck with time.

You will gradually get body hair to, and your pubic hair will be in a different distribution. SOme guys get almost no body hair, some guys get loads! There’s a LOT of variation!! Body hair gradually increases, and does this slower/faster in different people. The first thing you may notice is a ‘snail trail’ of hair around your belly-button down to your crotch, and more pubic hair on your upper thighs near your crotch. You may get a hairy stomach, chest, upper arms and shoulders, back….

appetite Your appetite will increase substantially.

energy levels Your energy levels will increase. For the first few months on T, your energy level and sex drive may go up when you’ve just had a T shot, and down the longer ago you had your shot. This stables out the longer you are on T.

muscle You will probably put a few kg on of muscle. You will also find it easier at the gym to put on muscle.

sleep Particularly when you’ve just started T, your sleep may be affected. SOme people find that they sleep very well when they’ve just had a shot. Others find they can’t sleep. Some people also find in the first few months of T that they can’t sleep on the last few days before their next shot, when their T levels are lowest. If this happens, you may want to increase the frequency of your T shot. I had my shots every 14 days, but couldn’t sleep in the 12th and 13th night…so now have my shots every 12-13 days.

body odour this will tend to change, and you will ‘smell’ more quickly.

body shape Generally this take a long time to change, about 5 years in total. Eventually (though this is harder if the more fat you have) your body will take a male shape…losing your hips and bum in particular. Your breasts will shrink a little, though generally not much.

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