Questions to ask your Surgeon before Chest Surgery

Questions to ask your Surgeon before Chest Surgery


William Bushong
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1. Ask whether the surgeon is board certified, and how much experience with transguy chest surgery he or she has had.

2. Ask to see before and after photos of other transguys the surgeon has done, to see the range of results the surgeon gets.

3. Ask what techniques the surgeon prefers to use on transguy chests and why he or she prefers these. Ask which technique he or she would recommend for you and why.

4. Ask about nipple erection and sensation following the technique proposed for you.

5. Ask about scarring. What scars will be left and where?

6. Ask what complications he or she has seen and how she or he handles them.

7. Ask what the fees are and what exactly is covered. Make sure you understand ALL the costs involved, such as are there separate fees for anesthesia, aftercare, etc.? Are touch-up procedures included in the basic fee or are they billed later if they are needed?

8. Ask about aftercare, and take notes on the answers.

9. Then ask yourself: Is this the type of surgery I want? Does the surgeon demonstrate competency and a good success rate with this surgery? Does the surgeon’s agenda match my own? Do I feel comfortable with this surgeon? If you are uncomfortable with any of the answers, shop around some more.

10. It is a lot better to get the surgery you really want from a surgeon whom you have confidence in, even if it means a longer wait or more travel.


Citation: an article published on the Internet by Mr Bushong in an email list. Published here with permission.