Phalloplasty in female-male transsexuals

Phalloplasty in female-male transsexuals


Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, 1996:9.
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This report provides information on phalloplasty, following request for funding for sex reassignment surgery (SRS) that have been received by the Out-of-Country Health Services Committee. In particular, information was sought on whether phalloplasty is a proven and recognised surgery.
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Some information on the costs of phalloplasty is included.

Authors’ conclusions
The information obtained from the literature suggests that phalloplasty is starting to become accepted at some centres as part of the standard of care for female-male transsexual SRS. There have been recent technical improvements, though the procedure remains demanding, as does the necessary associated counselling of patients. Phalloplasty appears to remain a highly specialized procedure, with successful outcomes linked to appropriate patient selection, counselling and follow-up, and to high levels of surgical expertise.

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Transsexualism/su (surgery); Penile-Prosthesis; Surgery,-Plastic/mt (methods)


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