Things to take with you/consider buying prior to Sex Reassignment Surgery

Things to take with you/consider buying prior to Sex Reassignment Surgery
Transgender Zone Team
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Things to take with you/consider buying prior to Sex Reassignment Surgery

* Items the team have found most needed

  • Outdoor clothing for just a couple of days (don’t pack loads as I did, I only wore full clothing the day of admission and the day of discharge)
  • A few vest tops and some pyjama bottoms for the first and last couple of nights when you can shower and take off your hospital gown) *
  • Cotton knickers (10 days supply) *
  • Slippers
  • Dressing gown
  • Face and bath towel *
  • A bottle of pure Vitamin E oil (to apply to external incisions to minimise scarring) *
  • Always Ultra sanitary pads with wings (at least 30; 3 packs of 10) *
  • Baby wipes (these are non-flushable but can be used for cleaning yourself after dilating) *
  • Feminine wipes (these are flushable, esp. comfortable for when given a laxative the day before surgery and/or whenever you have a bowel movement) *
  • Antibacterial hand wash (to wash hands prior to dilating) * – Purell for example.
  • Stool softener such as Senokot (if going to the loo after surgery proves difficult).
  • Smallish self-standing mirror (to see where you’re going and what you’re doing when dilating) *
  • Toiletries (I bought miniature travel size face wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) *
  • Magazines/puzzle books (for when you’re climbing the walls with boredom!) *
  • Decent razor to shave surgery site with some form of lubricant (i.e. hair conditioner, shaving gel) *
  • Inflatable travel air cushion (if sitting down on journey home/after surgery proves to be too uncomfortable; can be concealed in cushion cover).

Optional items

  • Betadine solution/TCP/tea tree oil, etc. (to add to the bath water to make it antibacterial while bathing).
  • Antibacterial wipes.
  • Scented nappy bags (handy for disposing of used non-flushable wipes/sanitary pads).

Travel clock

  • Plastic box to store dilators in (they come in boxes to start with but at home in the longer-term I would say an old ice cream container or such is better).
  • Make-up (if you wish to use, towards the end of your stay).
  • Cranberry juice (good for aiding recovery of the urethra/waterworks).
  • Pineapple juice (can help to reduce post-operative swelling).
  • Arnica tablets and/or ointment (reduces post-operative swelling and bruising).
  • Sweets and treats – chocolate is good and something to chew on, avoid things that you could cough or choke on as it could strain your stitches, thus chocolate is safer as it melts.


  • mp3 player/phone.
  • laptop/ipad you may find you get bored so preload you tech with movies and games. A security cable for it in case you nod off. You can chain it through the arms of your bedside chair or wrap it around the overbed table.
  • A Thee Network USB dongle for your laptop. As reports state the quality of the free WiFi is abysmal and insecure.